Bronwyn Hadley


Bronwyn has been teaching pilates since 2010 and started due to her own previous injuries from horse riding accidents and wear and tear from extensive martial arts training. She learned through BASI which is renowned for pilates methodology. Having worked closely with physiotherapists and chiropractors with sports science backgrounds, where Bronwyn had creative freedom to both learn and explore multiple methods of contrology exercises for various rehabilitation needs.

Bronwyn has also finished her training for Children’s Yoga and has been teaching pilates to various age groups. Prior to her Children’s Yoga and pilates experience with children she has experience with children in tutoring and aupairing.

Both pilates and yoga can be beneficial for increased spacial awareness, flexibility, focus, breathing techniques, joint stability, core strength and conscious movement and so much more. Bronwyn is able to work with all age groups and all fitness levels, as well as rehabilitation focused work.

Prior to starting her pilates journey and learning through her own body and through those around her, Bronwyn was studying a BSC in Internet communications and had started her own house sitting business as her student income as well as tutoring and aupairing during holidays. Oh, and she has an amazing sense of humour.
(+27)82 761 7544