“When I met Sharon (Harris) Masson at her Pilates studio, I was just coming out of 6 operations and one year of hospital. I couldn’t get up or even sit on my own. The doctor said it would take me about two years to recover, and even so, not recover totally. After six months with Sharon’s Pilates, I was in better shape than BEFORE my operations! Her vast and profound knowledge of the human body, her teaching skills and her dedication and passion gave me my life back in better shape than ever before. It has been four years since and I know I will do pilates for the rest of my life. There are no words great enough to express my gratitude and recognition to Sharon.  She changed my life.”

“I started out as Sharon’s 1st client and will continue to train with her for as long as she continues to teach. Pilates has helped my chronic back pain caused by sitting for long hours at my computer, and changed the shape of my body to look longer and leaner. I absolutely love it and I love training with Sharon. She has the ability to motivate you to constantly do better. I would highly recommend her!”
Adrienne Jude, writer